CD, Natural Meditation A Tibetan Buddhist Practice for Clearing

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Natural Meditation A Tibetan Buddhist Practice for Clearing the Mind and Opening to Effortless Awareness 1 DVD (30 minutes)

At Tibet Spirit Store, owned and operated by Tibetans

Lama Surya Das has become one of the most trusted—and sought after—voices among the phenomenal number of people interested in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. Now, with Natural Meditation, this revered teacher offers his first complete meditation course on video—a way to see and hear these teachings face-to-face, as they were meant to be taught.

In four intimate sessions, Surya Das guides us visually through every step of dzogchen ("natural perfection") practice, the pinnacle of Tibetan Buddhist meditation. Dzogchen requires no rigid rules or beliefs, teaches Surya Das, yet, it has the ability to awaken us to life immediately—not after years of practice.

With Natural Meditation, students can finally experience these teachings as they have been transmitted for centuries—in front of a trusted and gifted teacher.