Meditation CD Rain of Blessings: Vajra Chants

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Rain of Blessings: Vajra Chants CD.

At Tibet Spirit Store, owned and operated by Tibetans helping Tibet families.

Lama Gyurme's chants and Jean-Phillippe Rykiel's syntehsizer music work together wonderfully in this CD. Lama Gyurme's chant isn't exactly like the Gyoto monks I was use to hearing from Tibet. His chant was much more soothing, almost like he was "singing" under his breath. Gyoto monks can blow your eardrums away and can be rough to listen too, but not so with Lama Gyurme. His voice combined with the synthesizer creates a very relaxing ambience, and I found it great to meditate to. I wish I understood what Lama Gyurme was saying, but regardless, this CD is a true gem for those looking for relaxing music.