Himalaya. Original Soundtrack.

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Himalaya. Original Soundtrack. CD.

At Tibet Spirit Store, owned and operated by Tibetans helping Tibet families.

Using Tibetan incantations, Mr. Bruno Coulais has composed some of the best musical scores I have ever listened. Every piece of music depicts the real life struggles of these people of Dolpo. The compositions are so strong, so natural, sometimes so haunting, it draws you ever closer to these people. To those magnificent and breathtaking sceneries, Mr. Coulais has added another dimension; his music tells the story, the drama, the struggles of life in its true authentic way of life of the Tibetans. With each piece of music you travel along with the caravan, singing their songs, sharing their moments of joy and sorrow. Unlike other soundtracks this one really belongs to the people of Dolpo. You must really listen to believe me.