Cutting Through Fear Tsultrim Allione. 3 CD

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Cutting Through Fear Tsultrim Allione  3 CDs (3 hours). See Your Hopes and Fears As Creations of the Mind with This Meditation Practice from Tibet

At Tibet Spirit Store, owned and operated by Tibetans helping Tibet families.

Within the ancient teachings of Tibetan Buddhism lies a meditation tradition for facing—and dissolving—our greatest fears and attachments in life. Now one of contemporary Tibetan Buddhism's most experienced and respected teachers, Tsultrim Allione, adapts this practice to the challenges unique to our time, on Cutting Through Fear.

Based on the traditional Tibetan practice of chöd (literally "to cut"), this method was developed by the legendary Tibetan yogini Machig Lapdron almost 1,000 years ago, and is practiced to this day in Tibet to treat mental and physical illness and as a path to awareness. Drawing from root visualization practices, Tsultrim Allione shares a four-step process that can help you meet and release what the ancient Tibetans called "demons"—fears and other unhelpful emotions and obsessions.

Today we all encounter the demons of addiction, compulsion, anger, and other difficult emotions, too often as a daily event. Now we have a rare and useful tool to stop struggling against them, and instead liberate them, with Cutting Through Fear.