Choying Drolma - Cho. CD.

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Choying Drolma - Cho. CD.

At Tibet Spirit Store, owned and operated by Tibetans helping Tibet families.

Choying Drolma is a Buddhist nun from Nagi Gompa which is situated within the Himalayan foothills. Back in 1994 Steve Tibbetts on one of his many visits to the Nepalese kingdom recorded these nuns singing and later on, one assumes, in the comfort of his home studio recorded his guitar work over the chanting, as well as employing the services of long time percussionist Marc Anderson.

When I first received this I thought "Oh no, not enough record of Tibetan chanting." After all how much of this stuff can one listen to. In the last 12 months I had received about a dozen cd's of Tibetan chant . Most of what I had received had always been sung by men, so the first thing that made me sit up and listen was the honey sweet vocals of Choying Drolma. I had been re writing my diaries that I kept from my travels throughout India and Nepal back in 1986 and hearing the voices again brought back many good memories. What I heard was simple, honest and spiritual chanting. If you are expecting the loud and distorted guitar that has been fairly evident in a lot of Tibbett's albums you will be disappointed. Most of his guitar here is very much in the background, allowing Choying to do what she does best.Tibbett's does not dominate this recording but at the same time his presence is there. In the last weeks I have not had this off the walkman as I go to work. On more than one occasion I have fallen asleep on the bus because of the fact that it is so beautiful and peaceful to listen to.It truly is one of the most contemplative recordings to have come out in the last 12 months. According to the notes that came with this" the Tibetans do not see this style of music as folk music, but rather perceive the depth of meaning in these songs as capable of enhancing understanding and transforming ordinary experiences."

Overall this recording is well worth the price. My only complaint is it's not long enough.It clocks in at 49 minutes. Proceeds from the cd will go towards the nunnery. First purchase will be a hot water system. Cho- Rykodisc/ Hannibal HNCD 1404