Tibet Thangka

The word Thanka is defined an items that can be rolled up, as in a scroll. Tibetan Thangka's are typically paintings of Buddha, deities or bodhisattvas. Tibetan thangkas can also be, among other things, paintings of mandalas, the wheel of life, or scenes from Buddha's life. Tibetan thangkas are more commonly used during reflection and meditation, but can also be appreciated as decorative art pieces.

Tibet Spirit maintains an inventory of hundreds of hand-painted Thankas from which you can choose. The standard sizes of the painted surface are 7" x 9", 9" x 12", 15" x 20" and 18" x 24." Each thangka is highlighted in gold leaf and framed by several inches of brocade. Thangkas can be made to order from a photograph or drawing.

Generally, thankgas last a very long time and retain much of their lustre, but because of their delicate nature, they have to be kept in dry places where moisture won't affect the quality of the silk. It is sometimes called a scroll-painting. Enjoy all of our Dharma products