My Journey to Lhasa: Story of the Only Western Woman Entering ..

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My Journey to Lhasa: The Personal Story of the Only Western Woman Who Succeeded in Entering the Forbidden City

At Tibet Spirit Store, owned and operated by Tibetans helping Tibet families.

An exemplary travelogue of danger and achievement by the Frenchwoman Madame Alexandra David–Neel of her 1923 expedition to Tibet, the fifth in her series of Asian travels, and her personal recounting of her journey to Lhasa, Tibet's forbidden city.

In order to penetrate Tibet and reach Lhasa, she used her fluency of Tibetan dialects and culture, disguised herself as a beggar with yak hair extensions and inked skin and tackled some of the roughest terrain and climate in the World. With the help of her young companion, Yongden, she willingly suffered the primitive travel conditions, frequent outbreaks of disease, the ...