Choosing Simplicity: Bhikshuni Pratimoksha

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Choosing Simplicity: A Commentary On The Bhikshuni Pratimoksha. 344 pages.

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In Choosing Simplicity: Commentary On The Bhikshuni Pratimoksha, Venerable Bhikshuni Wu Yin discusses the precepts and lifestyle of fully ordained nuns within the Buddhist tradition. Translated for an English readership by Bhikshuni Jendy Shih, and ably edited by Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron, Choosing Simplicity offers students of Buddhism guidelines for the conduct of daily life with a more mindful orientation. Residents within a Buddhist religious community will become clear about boundaries, motivations, and how their actions may be interpreted by others. Choosing Simplicity is an impressive and valued addition to any Buddhist studies reference collection or reading list.